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x6 Signs Your Loved Ones in Spirit are always connecting from the other side.

Our Spirit Guides are constantly with us, they watch over us and send loving energy to help us on a daily basis. And even though you cant see them, they are always close by.

We each have our own spirit guides, many of which have been with us since birth, while others are new to the spirit world.  Each spirit guide plays a different role, stepping forward to assist us when we are going through different stages of our life.

Unlike Angels who have never experienced human form, Spirit Guides have actually walked the earth before.

Our Spirit Guides can be both familiar or someone we have never met “in this lifetime”. Think of your departed loving Grandmother, a favourite deceased Aunt, your best friend in spirit, even the family pet, they can be part of our spirit-guide circle.

We can also have many guides from the other side working with us at the same time, depending on what’s happening for us at a given moment.


Your Spirit Guides understand the universal law of free-will and only come forward to help when you summon them or when there required, such as during divine intervention.

If you google search on YouTube you will see plenty of clips of unseen forces protecting their loved ones, redirecting out of control cars,  moving children out of harms way or standing close by directly after an accident. We are never truly alone in this world!

Six signs your Spirit Guides are trying to connect with you may include:

1. A song playing on the radio seconds after you have thought about a loved one, with the lyrics or tune having a personal meaning specifically for you.

2. Seeing random signs on billboards, passing buses or trucks with specific  words  and messages for you.

3. Finding pennies and/or feathers in odd or random places.

4. Smelling a familiar fragrance that departed loved ones wore.

5. Unexplained changes in the temperature of a room or space for no apparent reason. And feeling chills or goose bumps that don’t relate to your surroundings.

6. Loved ones connecting with you in your dreams, and/or having vivid dreams that  include a departed loved one sitting, talking or hanging out with you.

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