Christmas Time, Not Your Monkeys, Not Your Circus!

Well it’s getting close to the Silly Season of Christmas, and although I LOVE all things Christmasy from the tree, to the coloured baubles, oh and don’t get me started on the FAIRY LIGHTS OMFG!!! I absolutely want to keep those up all year round!

BUT…… I know it can be really stressful as well 😦

We all need a little time out during that “time of the year” even if were ready and set for the big gatherings of crazy carol singing, mistle toeing, tinsel wearing Christmas parties and Family get togethers.

Okay, firstly… I only have  SEVEN EVENTS left until the end of the year so get in quick if you need some Angel Oracle  Spirit guidance!!

2018 expos

Secondly- its okay to spazz out and want to stay in a dark quiet space, just don’t dwell there indefinitely! Dust yourself off and create a day (yes its only a day) that feeds your soul, if you have to limit your time…then do it.

Ive worked it out that if you try and be everything to everyone that’s just too much, and you’ll end up cracking up!

So small and simple wins the race here.

Traditions are big in my family too, so trying to see as many people in one space can be both rewarding and stressful, but do-able.

Do the quick Hi! to the stressfully dramatic folks, and the long chats to the happy relaxed folks in any group. Fake it, Fib, Pretend you have some amazing ‘other’ place to be and get this job done. Turn up looking fabulous, dress for that job you want, not the one you have. Lift your head high and strut your stuff. Bugger it you might as well look fantastic if you have to do this gig…right!

Then you can have the real day you truly want, the one that the heart yearns for. Did you want to sit with a glass of bubbly watching the sun go down, eating a nice box of chocolates and being thankful that you completed another year of soulful growth? Did you want to catch up with friends who are more like family to you, or do you want to get a early night and think about waking up tomorrow without the hassle?  Hey maybe you need to do it this year.

Whatever you need to do…it is now your time to love yourself first! And remember its a day out of 352.  Start stepping into your power, start creating, start getting purposeful and on track, you can do this!

And finally, you really really need to plan out some fun activities, holidays, outings, day trips, coffee people watching dates, bushwalking, beach walking, ocean swimming, biking, day tripping drives and friend catch-ups, during the Christmas season Pleasssse!! for your own sanity. You need to work on refilling the depleted self during this highly reactive time of the year. Grab a calendar and map out some “Me” time, space them out and look forward to these events, that’ll help you get through the one day of the year where everyone seems to go a little crazy.  Remember- Not your monkeys! Not your Circus!

Peace Out Peeps xxxx


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