Manifesting Like A Boss

YouTube Clip Available  Here!!

Once we start setting intentions towards our dreams and goals the universe starts getting serious too. The difference between manifesting, and dreaming, about your goals is the energy we add to them.

Sure we can have all the dreams in the world but manifesting requires that we dream it, breathe and live it, as though we already have it. Visualising your goals is important, ask any athlete, any top selling saleman, any celebrity or performer, they’ll all tell you that they visualise living, breathing and having that ultimate goal well before there’ve obtained it.

Similar to a visual board or a list of tasks in my diary, I use a printout system called SMART to get myself on task and manifesting like a boss.

This is a Coaching Psychology concept, but it can work for anyone seeking to set goals, work towards goals and eventually manifest those goals. I actually used this model to manifest a vlogging camera.

For three weeks leading up to obtaining my camera I followed the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe aka ‘SMART’ framework to get the universe in order for opportunities to receive my goal. (Image attached below).

Specific– I researched cameras looking for the one most vloggers recommended, I searched for pictures of this camera and used pinterest to create a board of images.

Measurable– I decided that I would need to save a little each week to add to the total cost, so saving a percentage of my earnings was doable. I also gave myself three months as I thought that was a realistic and measurable pace.

Achievable– I looked for cameras in the low to medium price range, that were widely available online and in stores. Canon is a well know brand so there were a lot of stockist options.

Realistic– Having researched what sought of camera others were using gave me an understanding of the price, the mechanics of using this camera and the availability of a stockist. This made my goal a realistic and achievable one to obtain.

Timeframe– Three months was a good timeframe, I was also ready to extend it every time a bill ate into my savings. Fortunately my manifesting only took 3 weeks (I hadnt even saved the total amount either),  as I followed the signs and lived and breathed as if I already owned it. This included learning all about the functions and uses of the camera without even touching it beforehand, taking youtube tutorials, and subscribing to expert advice to ready myself for my camera to appear.

I followed, I dreamed, I added energy to my goals, and then I accepted that the universe would provide.


The image attached is the actual printout I use to manifest, feel free to use it at will to help you manifest like a boss too!!


YouTube Clip HERE, feel free to check out my vlogs and subscribe!


Hugs Deb xxx

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