2019 Dreams

Well it’s countdown time until the moon slips across the planet and brings in a new year. Be gone old year and welcome new year!

Are you wondering what to do in 2019… do you hear those damn crickets humming their brain dead song! I hear yah girlfriend… well fear not…

The key to creating some magic in the new year is to tell the universe what you need and want. We can all manifest, good and bad (I prefer to use my powers for good!)

Visual goal boards are a great way to get started on creating new endeavours and fresh ideas. It’s probably the one time (New Years) we also have a spare moment to think about life and to contemplate about the new passing of time.

Change happens whether we like it or not. People come into our lives, some leave, some permanently😪 others for a moment😲. We may move, change jobs, increase or decrease the size of our family, travel, find soul groups, change our appearance… and so on.

This new year I’m personally going on a new quest and into the Psychic Expo events coordination arena, with my group of soul peeps.  The one thing I need to do is map and manifest to keep me focused.

I’ve attached a little wee cutie pie mind map to help you to get clear and focused with me. Remember The Law of Attraction is always listening!

Hugs Deb ❤️💕✌️

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