2020 Vision

Well it’s nearly the end of the year and what a whirlwind it’s been!

There’s been plenty of psychic expos for me, a new business launch, an amazing year of learning about business and understanding how things work, a change in the business structure, with a goodbye to the business partner at the end of the year, and a realisation that this growth was needed to progress my journey, ultimately helping more than just my own spiritual path, but also many many others.

And just when I was about to plan 2020 as a sole trader a second friend re-enters my life with a business plan so big it just blows my mind. So huge that I actually resisted it to begin with! She was pretty patient while I worked with Spirit to overcome my own blocks and step back on the right path.

What Spirit is teaching me is that we need to follow the bigger plan, manifesting what is for our higher good, releasing things that have taught us all they can. Habit and fear try to intervene but our heart and our soul knows what is needed as we grow and evolve. Even when we think we have it under control Spirit is always there to guide us and present helpers along the way.

The best advice I can give you when these changes appear is:

💜 Meditate to calm the soul.

💜Seek out Mentors and Supporters along the way.

💜You don’t need to know every step, just take the steps one at a time… your guides will provide the map bit by bit.

💜Energy goes where action flows, when your pulled in a certain direction just do it without over analysing.

💜Every action has a lesson and blessing attached, no point hiding from it, universe has all the time in the world to wait for you to pull your head outta the covers!

💜Take on helpers, mentors, and new partnerships when tasks become overwhelming, Spirit has sent them to you!

💜Abundance will flow in many forms so that your path can be undertaken.

💜Freewill can retract us and slow the path, but the road or pull will never fully disappear, remember Spirit can wait… forever.

💜The destination once reached will open up to show a bigger picture, the next steps will then be revealed. We evolve and grow with every opportunity

💜AND that my friend is the Game of Life

See you in 2020 with clear vision and the pull into….. god knows where!

Blessings Deb Tawhai

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