About Me


I’m a 4th generation Clairvoyant Psychic, a Psychologist and an Art Therapist who has embraced her love of life including, the metaphysical world and all it bestows.  I love going to the forest in the rain, and the beach in the Summer. But I wasn’t always into the ocean, in fact I had an innate fear of deep water up until I traveled to Mexico in 2013. While there I cleared a past life memory in the underwater caves of the Yucatan Cenotes.

At 11 years old I also had a near death experience through drowning, my guide (the Deepwater Spirit) brought me back to the surface of the ocean as the chaos was unfolding. My fear was so bad that I refused to go on a boat through my childhood up until adulthood.  When I returned from Mexico my fear had reduced so much that I was able to take a ferry ride to an island in the Moreton Bay area of Australia.  I lived there for three years regularly catching the ferry between the island and the mainland. Eventually Spirit called me back to the mainland in early 2018.

From a young age I have been able to sense spirits and the presence of etheric energy in houses and around people, I feel changes in the air temperature for no apparent reason and I can sense when a spirit is hanging around. My favorite thing to do is to connect clients with their own Angels, Guides and Beloved Spirit Family.

My hopes, dreams and goals for this site is that you too will find your purpose and reconnect with your guides, angels and spirits, through simple steps and techniques that activate your own spiritual awakening.

Deb Tawhai